8 Dollars and 36 cents.

Per hour. I worked for $8.36 an hour as the owner of a small business. You know you have zero time, money and will to continue at that point.

It didn’t start like that and thank God it didn’t stay like that!

Is there a way to increase revenue AND free up time while growing your business?

Fortunately yes!
Unfortunately it’s not a One-Size-Fits-All!

I have been there. Time poor. No vision for my business. Staffing problems.

Oh I had done a good job! Gotten my business off the ground, had built a great clientele in an abundant niche, was skilled at my work!

But as I sat in my office, calculating that per hour I was making less than my apprentice and I had missed so much time with my kids I called it what it was.

A disaster.

Making money but no time to spend or even knowing where to reinvest.

How could I? I was putting out fires, generating work for my employees, training apprentices. I had hit a time ceiling! And so a profit ceiling!

I decided then and there something had to change and I knew what it was. ME.

I got myself a coach. To work through what needed to be done. Help with specific direction. And most importantly, he helped create my own future

It was in me the whole time!

I created the business that I wanted. That excited me and grew in the direction I wanted!

I had free time, I increased revenue, staffing issues were easily solvable!

Problems always come up but I now had the tools to not just deal with it but turn them too my advantage!

After 15 years in business and weathering all different financial climates I have put together programs and processes to make any business work how it should and grow!

I put together my Success Loop.
⁃ Evaluate
⁃ Overcome
⁃ Restructure
⁃ Implement
⁃ Review. and Repeat

I started my business wanting to fulfil peoples needed and now I do the same!

We are all in different places. Different budgets, time commitments, family and work commitments and I work to aid that with coaching packages design to be flexible for you but with structure to ensure you have the tools to grow!

You see I believe that business is not a finite game. There is no winner and no loser. Only players. The goals is to be an Infinite Player. Not playing to win but play to play and be the best at what you do for your time on the field!

Since starting coaching small business owners, the same thing keeps coming up. Not as drastic, usually, bug the time vs money problems.

Contact me for a free strategy session. Together we can fee time and create a greater lifestyle.

Better yet let’s work together for 3,6 or 12 months and create a really incredible transformation for you, your family and your business!

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