Is there a way to increase revenue AND free up time while growing your business?

Fortunately yes!

Unfortunately it’s not a One-Size-Fits-All!

I have been there. Time poor. No vision for my business. Staffing problems.

Oh I had done a good job! Gotten my business off the ground, had built a great clientele in an abundant niche, was skilled at my work!

But as I sat in my office, calculating that per hour I was making less than my apprentice and I had missed so much time with my kids I called it what it was.

A disaster.

Making some money but no time to spend or even knowing where to reinvest.

How could I? I was putting out fires, generating work for my employees, training apprentices. I had hit a time ceiling! And so a profit ceiling!

I decided then and there something had to change and I knew what it was.


I got myself a coach. To work through what needed to be done. Help with specific direction. And most importantly, he helped create my own future.

It was in me the whole time!
I created the business that I wanted. That excited me and grew in the direction I wanted!
I had free time, I increased revenue, staffing issues were easily solvable!

Problems always come up but I now had the tools to not just deal with it but turn them too my advantage!

After 15 years in business and weathering all different financial climates I have put together programs and processes to make any business work how it should and grow! I have Certificates in Business Coaching, Course Creation, Personal Training and … Furniture building (my first trade).

I put together my Course Adjustment Protocol.

  • Evaluate
  • Overcome
  • Restructure
  • Implement
  • Review. and Repeat

I started my business wanting to fulfil peoples needed and now I do the same!
We are all in different places.

Different budgets, time commitments, family and work commitments and I work to aid that with coaching packages design to be flexible for you but with structure to ensure you have the tools to grow!

All Coaching Packages come with;

  • Paul’s blend of Business and Life coaching. The 2 go hand in hand for Small Business Owners.
  • Vision Creating and Direction Implementation to create a pathway of goals!
  • Working through the Success Loop* to find areas that may be dragging or underperforming. Breathing new life into your business!
  • Full Business Analysis of; Market, niche, competition, branding, financials
  • Marketing review; where is your advertising dollar going and how hard is it working?
  • Introduction to quality services such as Brand and marketing specialists, web developers, financial planners and accountants.
  • Action plans from sessions
  • Worksheets both ready made and custom for you!
  • Access to Paul and his team in our Private Facebook group! The Infinite Players!
  • Access to Paul through the Slack* App for notes and targets!
  • Content updates
  • Unlimited support
  • Early Bird/ Discounted or Free access to workshops and intensives when they are on!


  • Free yearly 60 min Adjustment session to keep you on track!

I am always in your corner!

How can we work together?
I work 1 on 1 with you. The business owner. And the packages are priced below!
But sometimes I may need to work with your team! Managers, leading hands, sales staff. Depending on the work it may fall into our agreement but sometimes for larger projects we will cost out a package to suit!
Coaching packages:(Limited time opening offers)Now till 11:59 pm August 31

Weekly in person or Video call meeting for first 4 weeks the fortnightly thereafter.

3 Month Focus

6 Month Grow

6 week group training

12 Month Structure



  hours  minutes  seconds


New Package Special

Sessions will be set dates and times workable for both you and I. Sessions can be rescheduled with in reason.

Hey if you’ve scrolled this far you are serious about change. I will show up 100% but nothing will change unless you do to. It’s not my business, it’s yours.
You know infinitely more about you and your business than I do. My job is to break down what’s holding you back and give you the tools to make it work. But unless you put those tools to work nothing will.

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