Making furniture from natural timber taught me…

As a coach- I’ve not always been a coach. I have though, always been, for people.

My first (taxable) business was custom furniture and cabinetry. And I can tell you that despite new machines technology and methods, learning from an old boy is still the way to go.

After 21 years in the industry and 16 year of my own business was making furniture, here’s what it taught me (about people)

You can’t judge a piece of timber by the un-machined surface

But you can learn to see beauty behind the machine lines and burnt exterior.

A tree spends its life growing toward the sun. And When it dies it’s becomes part of a family.

Twists and curves are not ideal but never discount it because you’re not willing to put in the work.

Splinters are a fact of life.

Even the plainest of grain comes alive when treated right.

Timber can be cut, joined, planed, filled and after all that, it was just what it needed to become beautiful.

Every piece of timber is universally unique, the first look is usually deceiving.

From one tree come light, mid and dark grains. The most stunning furniture uses a mix for natural beauty.

A join can be more intriguing and complex than the timber.

Husband, Father, Man.

I can’t say I have always done everything in this list. But since making it a daily choice to implement, the changes have been deep wide and across my whole family.

Maybe this is a book in conception. Maybe it’s a lecture in infancy.

But the proof is in the last few years of my life. It’s a journey.

There are so many things I was trying to BE. DO. CHANGE. And no matter how good the plan was, the foundation was rocky.

That is when I decided a ground up rebuild was needed. Patching the cracks, propping the walls was only delaying the inevitable.

I developed a set of foundational pillars, no, to stay with the building metaphor, a slab with solid footings.

These micro adjustments allowed massive change in so many areas.

So let’s take stock.

Previously. Morbidly obese. Business running my life. Not engaging with my kids. Consistently letting my wife down. Never confident in my ability to provider, change or grow. Not pursuing any goals.

Implementation of these micro changes led to….

37kg weight loss. Fittest time in my life at 40. Now!

Reliable to my family. Engaged and a positive input in my kids lives.

Connected and having more fun, my wife and I are closer and better friends than ever.

2 new businesses on top of my existing custom furniture AND I have more time available.

Consistently stepping out to where I never would have out of fear.

I have become comfortable being uncomfortable.

The passion is in the process.


1- Every morning, regardless of the night before, kiss your wife and say “I love you”.

2- Every night before bed, regardless of the day, hug your children and tell them you love them.

3- Every day, regardless of the repercussions, tell the truth.

4- When you leave for work, put on your armour and pick up your sword and shield. If you are doing things right, you’ll need them.

5- Before you walk inside, leave your scorched armour and weapons at the door.

6- You have the power of Creation on the tip of your tongue, and in the depths of your mind.

7- Listen without agenda so you can speak without regret.

Small changes to a great result.

If you want chat about this just ask.

Let’s call them… Sue and Jennifer


Today I sat in a cafe at a table waiting for a client.

As I sat, 2 ladies came to a table across from me and sat down awaiting their order. One of the ladies was in a company shirt and sneakers and the other (older) was dressed for a day out. Her wheelchair was easily accommodated by the younger woman. To be clear I have no idea what their names were.

As their cake and coffee came, the Carer was in conversation with the not so verbal friend but she was still intently part of the conversation, though the arrival of the ginormous piece of chocolate cake did bring a shudder of movement and a smile that could could not be mistaken!

The young (30ish) carer in her company shirt and sensible working sneakers marvelled over the deserts they had both ordered to share in the excitement with her client. This was a day out for certain.

The lady in the wheelchair (perhaps late 50s) slowly raised her hand and it dropped to the chair and the carer began to feed her client. Gently, generously and without touching her own coffee or cake until she had attended to her friend.

Honestly, I did not think that the smaller frame, frail, yet exuberant lady in the wheelchair would eat the whole piece. But leaving only a spoonful, the carer knew that she was content. She cleaned a little chocolate of her friends mouth, helped her finish her coffee and sat with a smile.

When they were done the carer took her friends hand in hers and told her she’d had a nice time but was time to leave. Packing up their things with care they left and when to the large van outside they came in!

There is not big mystery. No big message here. Only…

He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’


Well. As I sit here in the hospital, wired for sound, I’m making beats with the staggered and syncopated beeps of machines.

It’s a little grating that there is maybe one machine that’s a different brand or doing a different things and it’s at a different tempo. I don’t know why this annoys me.

I mean the words “Not a full blown heart attack” from the Doctor should be reassuring right?

I’ve played some chess, contacted some clients, done a cross word, found out I am an INFJ if that means anything to you!

Seriously that you Lord for iPhones.

I have 3 businesses. I coach people! I renovate for people and I invest with people.

What happens if at some point I can’t people any more, this could be a mild dillirium, can I reinvent myself, can I re position myself?

I think that’s either the crux of the matter or a ethereal byproduct. I,People. That’s who I am and how I do.

I have come to the point that I only want to help others, I know that I will be helped so I help others.

Works for me

The gurus are getting annoyed with me…

I have had a lot of people ask why I price my coaching so low and do so much free coaching!

Would you like to know why?

No. I don’t undervalue myself.

No. I don’t think I can’t do it.

15 years ago I built a cabinetry and furniture business one solid premise….

“To have the best service of any cabinetry company in Perth”

I found I had a market doing small jobs. And giving service soooo good that people remembered and referred me. After not long, people didn’t even ask cost or for referrals. They just knew the level of workmanship and service they will get and were happy to pay.

Since I still have that business and it runs almost on auto pilot, I have room for another passion of mine that I have done through church, youth groups and professional friendships…

Helping people, who help people, help more people.
(I didn’t write this. Nathan Hulls did and I can’t find a better way to put it!)

I make a nice living from my cabinetry business and I get to help people with my coaching! I spent 15 years in business, 18 months studying and assessing, countless training hours so I can help others.

I love it.

I decided to do the same again. Sometimes I coach free and people think of little value, sometimes I coach for a fee and people experience life change!

It’s about how you approach it.

I am content. I can’t ask for more.

I am comfortable being uncomfortable.

I am unshakeable in my mission.

My philosophy of out giving whenever possible is a great feeling!

If you lack confidence in your service business,

If you can’t see a way forward,

If you need a coach… someone in your corner, reach out.

I am no “guru” coach. I am more hands on, applicable actions. I don’t deal in the ethereal. I deal in the real, attainable and the measurable.

If you want to work with me, we start free so I can see if I can help you, if I can’t, I probably know someone who can or will point you in the right direction.

My references speak for themselves.

8 Dollars and 36 cents.

Per hour. I worked for $8.36 an hour as the owner of a small business. You know you have zero time, money and will to continue at that point.

It didn’t start like that and thank God it didn’t stay like that!

Is there a way to increase revenue AND free up time while growing your business?

Fortunately yes!
Unfortunately it’s not a One-Size-Fits-All!

I have been there. Time poor. No vision for my business. Staffing problems.

Oh I had done a good job! Gotten my business off the ground, had built a great clientele in an abundant niche, was skilled at my work!

But as I sat in my office, calculating that per hour I was making less than my apprentice and I had missed so much time with my kids I called it what it was.

A disaster.

Making money but no time to spend or even knowing where to reinvest.

How could I? I was putting out fires, generating work for my employees, training apprentices. I had hit a time ceiling! And so a profit ceiling!

I decided then and there something had to change and I knew what it was. ME.

I got myself a coach. To work through what needed to be done. Help with specific direction. And most importantly, he helped create my own future

It was in me the whole time!

I created the business that I wanted. That excited me and grew in the direction I wanted!

I had free time, I increased revenue, staffing issues were easily solvable!

Problems always come up but I now had the tools to not just deal with it but turn them too my advantage!

After 15 years in business and weathering all different financial climates I have put together programs and processes to make any business work how it should and grow!

I put together my Success Loop.
⁃ Evaluate
⁃ Overcome
⁃ Restructure
⁃ Implement
⁃ Review. and Repeat

I started my business wanting to fulfil peoples needed and now I do the same!

We are all in different places. Different budgets, time commitments, family and work commitments and I work to aid that with coaching packages design to be flexible for you but with structure to ensure you have the tools to grow!

You see I believe that business is not a finite game. There is no winner and no loser. Only players. The goals is to be an Infinite Player. Not playing to win but play to play and be the best at what you do for your time on the field!

Since starting coaching small business owners, the same thing keeps coming up. Not as drastic, usually, bug the time vs money problems.

Contact me for a free strategy session. Together we can fee time and create a greater lifestyle.

Better yet let’s work together for 3,6 or 12 months and create a really incredible transformation for you, your family and your business!

Send “HELP” to;



Touch down!

Fixed point. Set value. Measurable. Constant. Attainable. Outrageous.

I have been helping people reach goals for most of my adult life. I genuinely love seeing people reach that milestone or target. I feel I’ve contributed to part of their life.

Why do my goals feel like millstones instead of milestones. Hanging around my neck. Have they been wrong goals? Wrong directions?

Years ago I was introduced to the Vision. The mission statement. I guess I am too pragmatic to not see writing a vision as another goal that is hanging over me haha. Oh dear.

But why dammit. WHY???

I couldn’t see it.

I couldn’t see my self thin. I couldn’t see myself different to how I had been for 30 years.

Oh don’t worry. I am happy, willing and able to see you succeed and help you with that but how problematic is it when the mechanics car doesn’t work.

I had to start. You know I just picked a direction and ran full tilt. I lost weight. I started studying again. Like my freaked life depended on it. Because it flipping did!

It’s a hard road when you are running with a blind fold on but with a guide you can. Then the blindfold comes off and the vision becomes clear. Goals fall into place and they are hit!

No vision? Get help. Someone who is a little further along and might be able to see what you can’t. Not someone to push you in the direction they think you should go but who can guide to where they can let you run free.

That’s not success, THIS is success! I think…

3 KEY AREAS For growth in your Business/ Start-up.

Ajit from Evercoach

Success is measurable but do you know how to measure it?

-Is it getting the bills paid?

-Is it getting a bonus at tax time?

-Is it employing people to take on tasks you’re not passionate about?

-Is it a big holiday every year?

Jim Rohn put it in a way I like;

“success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day. Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day”

Success is not a destination but a continuous progress forward. There are always setbacks but if you learn from failure, to me that is forward motion!

here goes…

An opening blog post. This is important right? A big deal? Well I don’t know about that but I do know this is territory I haven’t been in before that, for me, is exciting!

This year I have been challenging myself to do all the things I said I’d never do because either; 1) I didn’t have the confidence to or 2) I didn’t think I could! So much was also brocade I want everything I do to be perfect so I can only been seen a a favourable choice.

Maybe it’s just how I am. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fat all my life and would prefer to fly under the radar so I don’t standout! I used to be happy to standout. Playing bands. Being the loud comedian. Generally making a fool of myself. What happened?

This year as I can to the big milestone in loosing weight I remember telling myself I’d never be 75 kgs. (I was 110 the year before). 75 kgs marks the top end of the healthy BMI range for me. Pfft that BMI thing sucks. Doesn’t take into account all my muscles. At least that’s what i told my self. When I hit 73kgs, having lost a full 1/3 of my body weight I realised I had been feeding myself BS for far too long.

So. Here I am wrong my first blog post on my first self built website ( you can tell right?) Because i wanted to and had told myself i couldn’t. Plenty of failures preceded this few minutes. But I learnt from each one. This year I am putting myself beyond what I thought I can do. I am going to fail over and over. But I am going to do it.

Build it.

Learn it.

Teach it.

Live it.

Own it.

Thanks for reading this far through my confession. You are the real MVP!