As a coach- I’ve not always been a coach. I have though, always been, for people.

My first (taxable) business was custom furniture and cabinetry. And I can tell you that despite new machines technology and methods, learning from an old boy is still the way to go.

After 21 years in the industry and 16 year of my own business was making furniture, here’s what it taught me (about people)

You can’t judge a piece of timber by the un-machined surface

But you can learn to see beauty behind the machine lines and burnt exterior.

A tree spends its life growing toward the sun. And When it dies it’s becomes part of a family.

Twists and curves are not ideal but never discount it because you’re not willing to put in the work.

Splinters are a fact of life.

Even the plainest of grain comes alive when treated right.

Timber can be cut, joined, planed, filled and after all that, it was just what it needed to become beautiful.

Every piece of timber is universally unique, the first look is usually deceiving.

From one tree come light, mid and dark grains. The most stunning furniture uses a mix for natural beauty.

A join can be more intriguing and complex than the timber.

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