I can’t say I have always done everything in this list. But since making it a daily choice to implement, the changes have been deep wide and across my whole family.

Maybe this is a book in conception. Maybe it’s a lecture in infancy.

But the proof is in the last few years of my life. It’s a journey.

There are so many things I was trying to BE. DO. CHANGE. And no matter how good the plan was, the foundation was rocky.

That is when I decided a ground up rebuild was needed. Patching the cracks, propping the walls was only delaying the inevitable.

I developed a set of foundational pillars, no, to stay with the building metaphor, a slab with solid footings.

These micro adjustments allowed massive change in so many areas.

So let’s take stock.

Previously. Morbidly obese. Business running my life. Not engaging with my kids. Consistently letting my wife down. Never confident in my ability to provider, change or grow. Not pursuing any goals.

Implementation of these micro changes led to….

37kg weight loss. Fittest time in my life at 40. Now!

Reliable to my family. Engaged and a positive input in my kids lives.

Connected and having more fun, my wife and I are closer and better friends than ever.

2 new businesses on top of my existing custom furniture AND I have more time available.

Consistently stepping out to where I never would have out of fear.

I have become comfortable being uncomfortable.

The passion is in the process.


1- Every morning, regardless of the night before, kiss your wife and say “I love you”.

2- Every night before bed, regardless of the day, hug your children and tell them you love them.

3- Every day, regardless of the repercussions, tell the truth.

4- When you leave for work, put on your armour and pick up your sword and shield. If you are doing things right, you’ll need them.

5- Before you walk inside, leave your scorched armour and weapons at the door.

6- You have the power of Creation on the tip of your tongue, and in the depths of your mind.

7- Listen without agenda so you can speak without regret.

Small changes to a great result.

If you want chat about this just ask.

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