Well. As I sit here in the hospital, wired for sound, I’m making beats with the staggered and syncopated beeps of machines.

It’s a little grating that there is maybe one machine that’s a different brand or doing a different things and it’s at a different tempo. I don’t know why this annoys me.

I mean the words “Not a full blown heart attack” from the Doctor should be reassuring right?

I’ve played some chess, contacted some clients, done a cross word, found out I am an INFJ if that means anything to you!

Seriously that you Lord for iPhones.

I have 3 businesses. I coach people! I renovate for people and I invest with people.

What happens if at some point I can’t people any more, this could be a mild dillirium, can I reinvent myself, can I re position myself?

I think that’s either the crux of the matter or a ethereal byproduct. I,People. That’s who I am and how I do.

I have come to the point that I only want to help others, I know that I will be helped so I help others.

Works for me

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