Touch down!

Fixed point. Set value. Measurable. Constant. Attainable. Outrageous.

I have been helping people reach goals for most of my adult life. I genuinely love seeing people reach that milestone or target. I feel I’ve contributed to part of their life.

Why do my goals feel like millstones instead of milestones. Hanging around my neck. Have they been wrong goals? Wrong directions?

Years ago I was introduced to the Vision. The mission statement. I guess I am too pragmatic to not see writing a vision as another goal that is hanging over me haha. Oh dear.

But why dammit. WHY???

I couldn’t see it.

I couldn’t see my self thin. I couldn’t see myself different to how I had been for 30 years.

Oh don’t worry. I am happy, willing and able to see you succeed and help you with that but how problematic is it when the mechanics car doesn’t work.

I had to start. You know I just picked a direction and ran full tilt. I lost weight. I started studying again. Like my freaked life depended on it. Because it flipping did!

It’s a hard road when you are running with a blind fold on but with a guide you can. Then the blindfold comes off and the vision becomes clear. Goals fall into place and they are hit!

No vision? Get help. Someone who is a little further along and might be able to see what you can’t. Not someone to push you in the direction they think you should go but who can guide to where they can let you run free.

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