An opening blog post. This is important right? A big deal? Well I don’t know about that but I do know this is territory I haven’t been in before that, for me, is exciting!

This year I have been challenging myself to do all the things I said I’d never do because either; 1) I didn’t have the confidence to or 2) I didn’t think I could! So much was also brocade I want everything I do to be perfect so I can only been seen a a favourable choice.

Maybe it’s just how I am. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fat all my life and would prefer to fly under the radar so I don’t standout! I used to be happy to standout. Playing bands. Being the loud comedian. Generally making a fool of myself. What happened?

This year as I can to the big milestone in loosing weight I remember telling myself I’d never be 75 kgs. (I was 110 the year before). 75 kgs marks the top end of the healthy BMI range for me. Pfft that BMI thing sucks. Doesn’t take into account all my muscles. At least that’s what i told my self. When I hit 73kgs, having lost a full 1/3 of my body weight I realised I had been feeding myself BS for far too long.

So. Here I am wrong my first blog post on my first self built website ( you can tell right?) Because i wanted to and had told myself i couldn’t. Plenty of failures preceded this few minutes. But I learnt from each one. This year I am putting myself beyond what I thought I can do. I am going to fail over and over. But I am going to do it.

Build it.

Learn it.

Teach it.

Live it.

Own it.

Thanks for reading this far through my confession. You are the real MVP!


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