If you have ended up here there are one or more of the following that need some attention.

  • Life development
  • Career development
  • Business development
  • Motivation
  • Developing positive habits & Creating vision
  • or even Accountability, or another Husband / Father to help you on your journey


What is the Passion, just out of grasp? The lifestyle that just seems elusive. Ask first: Is it what you really want? Have you broken it down, considered the steps, weighed the cost?

If you have much to accomplish, need help with focus and a step back from overwhelm the its likely we can create a vision that serves you now and for years to come!


Dealing with stress and developing positive habits to ensure progress are vital to Career Advancement. Your Strengths can push you forward, but your weaknesses, when properly understood can be the driver to unlocking joy and drive in the professional space!



Facing a new challenge?

Wanting that Next Level?

A Strategic Planning Session with Paul can unlock new and exciting paths and even reignite old Entrepreneurial flames that can spark the next advancement for your business! We conduct a business review and Owner/ Team Audit to identify challenges and create clear plans to move forward!

Mentoring – Facilitation – Practical Advice / Coach. Train. Consult.


Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen Alpha all deal with a lack of motivation from time to time. But it is a key driver to forward motion. Sometimes there has been a stumbling block in the way or a canyon to cross but with assistance and a little rewarded discipline these can be overcome!

Dont let your story fizzle, lets get the plans the have you in a state of overwhelm into action with simple strategies to implement and WIN!


Thoughts lead to Actions, Actions lead to Habits, Habits lead to Mastery.

Not only the Habit but the WHY behind is need to be fleshed out and broken down. Installing a habit is great, creating change is TRANSFORMATIONAL.


Probably the closest to my heart.

After years of focusing on business to make the life I wanted, I had missed so much time with my wife and children. Not only that, my health was atrocious, my mental game was broken and I was ready to give up.

But… I found a new path forward, within myself. I found the will and strength to change the TRAJECTORY of my life and that of my family AND business!

Now with several businesses, freer finances and more time available, I renewed my relationships with my wife, children and most importantly, myself. All with the added bonus of loosing 1/3 of my body weight to be the healthiest I have ever been! At 40!

Dont let things stay the same. If you read any of these and it stuck out then it wasnt a coincidence, book a chat via Zoom, Phone or if you are in Perth, lets grab a coffee, its on me!